Symbolic Universal Notation (SUN) Prayer Framework



Do you ever consider how fortunate we are to be able to read God’s Word?  Imagine if you had no Scripture and also no way to communicate clearly with the outside world!  This is the reality that many Deaf-Blind people face every day.  Without the comfort and guidance of the Word, how are the Deaf-Blind to grow in faith? 

Wycliffe Associates hopes you will join us in prayer for Deaf-Blind communities around the world.  We now have a way to bring these people the Bible, and that way is through SUN.  SUN (Symbolic Universal Notation) is a program that brings Scripture to the illiterate Deaf as well as the Deaf-Blind. Using a symbolic system of writing, the illiterate Deaf who are not educated in sign language as well as the Deaf-Blind can read God's word for themselves.

SUN is a symbolic representation of all the words in Scripture. It consists of a small group of universally recognized characters that are then combined or altered to make additional symbols which are called extensions. Between the characters and extensions, all of Scripture can be represented. The symbols in SUN are taught using illustrations to improve retention.  To learn more about SUN, please click here: 

You can serve the Deaf-Blind by interceding for them in prayer and taking their needs to the Father. As an at-home Prayer Warrior, you will pray for SUN translation events and the needs of individual translators. You will pray before, during and after each SUN event. 



Specific prayer requests for SUN events include:


1. The students would have soft and teachable hearts.

2. The people attending would come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

3. The people we train would catch the vision of SUN.

4. They would take ownership of the program and spread it through their country and beyond. 

5. SUN would be used to bring many to Christ and turn the country upside down.

6. We would be able to find a sustainable way to teach those that are both deaf and blind.