Full Insurance

If you do not currently have other health insurance, these options are full health insurance plans.  We would recommend that you have full health insurance if you are serving for one year or longer.  Most of these options include Emergency Medical and Evacuation Insurance.  You are required to verify that this is included.

If you are working with HR on raising support to go on salary with WA, you may qualify to participate in our group Aetna insurance. Please read the WA Benefit Guide for more information (for Domestic insurance only).


Talent Trust

Over the past 32 years, Talent Trust has helped over 60,000 missionaries in 180+ countries be their best. The challenges of missions life can limit the impact of a missionary's ministry. Talent Trust provides missionaries with resources to stay physically, mentally, and financially healthy, so they can thrive as long as needed in their calling. 


Good Neighbor Insurance

This is also known as the Good Neighbor/Seven Corners group. They have international plans available. Contact Karen Bellas for more information.

Karen Bellas
Good Neighbor Insurance
Toll-free: 866-636-9100     866-636-9100  or  480-813-9100     480-813-9100
[email protected]

Missionary Health

Providing affordable missionary insurance for short-term or long-term trips as well as group major medical plans for missionaries.


A foreign insurance company recommended to us. Many international folks use this company for insurance needs.


Healthcare options for those residing in the United States.


Healthcare Sharing Plans:

Samaritan Ministries

Not traditional insurance, but a Christian group that helps with medical expenses. We have folks who have used this while in the U.S. as well as when they were serving overseas.


Also a Christian Care group that helps share medical expenses. We know of folks who have used this group and liked them.

Christian Healthcare Ministries

A faith-based healthcare cost solution for Christians in all 50 states and around the world.



A library of short, readable articles about understanding international health insurance can be found here.