Options for Funding


There are a few options available to you for funding your trip or ministry with Wycliffe Associates:

  1. Set up a ministry account through Wycliffe Associates (WA). WA will create a ministry account for you to which friends, families, and churches can contribute and receive tax deductible receipts. 100% of any donations designated to your ministry will be available for expenses related to your ministry. No Administrative fees come from the funds you raise.
  2. Set up an account through your church and allow them to manage any donations and handle getting you the funds you need.
  3. Fund the trip yourself. You may be able to deduct your ministry expenses on your tax return. Visit www.irs.gov or check with your tax preparer for more details.


You may choose any of the above options or a combination of them. Here are some additional tips:

  • From the day you open your ministry account, you can turn in expenses related to your service with WA to get reimbursed as long as there are funds in your ministry account.  Go to Expense Reimbursements for more information.

  • If you are committing to serve for a year or longer and will be raising money to help cover day to day living expenses, you should contact us to talk about a support goal.


Additional Information for Non-US Citizens:

  • A ministry account can be set up in the same way and be used to reimburse expenses. All donations must be given in U.S. dollars. Tax receipts are only beneficial in the U.S.
  • If you need funds to cover personal living expenses, you may be best served to use the second option and have your church manage your donations. If you will be using a ministry account, please contact  us so that we can verify we have things in order for you.