Asia/South Asia Prayer Updates


We give ownership of the translation work to the church. Regular updates are not always readily available from the field due to different situations. Below is the most up-to-date information we have on translation projects based on the information communicated from the field:  

Translation Projects Aiming To Start 31
Translation Projects In Progress 140
Recently Added To Translation Projects In Progress 3 Oral NT, 4 Written NT and 3 Written OT
Translation Projects Completed                                                                 182   



Because “All Scripture” is so important let’s focus our prayers together to:

  • Pray for the language groups who have been waiting for decades for the Old Testament to be translated for them.
  • Pray that they will be empowered by God and equipped with MAST training and technology to do the hard work of translating the Old Testament.
  • Please pray for MAST leaders, facilitators, Bible scholars, and prayer warriors to be enabled by God to effectively train and lead the national Bible translators in their translation work.
  • Pray that God will put a hedge of protection around every MAST workshop, even as translated Scripture is making inroads into Satan’s territory.
  • Pray for the seemingly impossible task of translating the massive Old Testament. Ask God to build the teams’ courage and strength to complete the entire Bible in their local languages.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit moves among the translation teams to make them cohesive, confident, and effective in their translation work.
  • Pray that every translation is accurate, easy to understand, and used to train the people of God so that they will be equipped for every good work.
  • Our teams reported to us regarding COVID-19 that, “The big challenges ahead of us right now are trying to find ways to continue accelerating Bible translation. Travel bans are impacting our teams globally now."
  • Please pray fervently that God will make the path straight to every Bible translation event taking place right now, and in the coming weeks and months. Pray for protection and good health for everyone involved in Ministry of Bible translation.






Please pray for the 10 new starts for New Testament oral projects planned in the Philippines May – July, and 7 follow-up workshops that are planned to support New Testament completions. These have all been postponed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Please pray: 

  • For their health during this challenging time globally
  • For sufficient food to meet their needs as many who cannot work. Government assistance does not support the majority of people out of work in the Philippines.
  • For the many people that cannot travel to get the food they need due to internal travel restrictions.
  • For the church in the Philippines
  • For church growth as people think about COVID-19 and what this means in terms of their relationship with God.
  • For the events when they are rescheduled
  • For the translators who will be travelling to the upcoming events in the Philippines as for many it takes several days over rough roads to get to a MAST event.
  • For the team leaders and facilitators and tech support people that will work to support these events


To pray for specific upcoming events in Asia please click here


[Updated 9/23/2020]