Help Wycliffe Associates Tell Your Story

You can encourage others to get involved in the work of Bible translation by sharing your stories and photos with the marketing and communications department. Here is how:

Step #1 - BEFORE you begin your assignment:

Read below to learn how to take great photos that tell the story of your involvement in Bible translation. Not only will this help us effectively tell your story to others, it will also help you effectively tell your story to your partnership team.

Also below is a set of photo and story sharing questions to help you prepare. Being prepared will enable you, while you are serving, to see what God is doing and notice God's active blessings in your ministry. And you WILL have a story to tell!

Step #2 - DURING your assignment:

Please set your digital camera to take the highest resolution photos. Take as many photos as you can. And before you forget, record the names of the people in the photos as well as the locations and what is going on in the photos.

Step #3 - AFTER you return home:

Take the time - please prepare your photos to share with the marketing and communications department by choosing the best 15 to 20 high resolution photos and use this link Photo and Story Sharing Form to document the stories from your ministry work and to learn how to submit your information and photos.

If you don't have time - if you find that you are not able to take the time to document the required information on the Photo and Story Sharing Form, we would still like to hear from you. Just send an email to [email protected] with your phone number and best time to call. Mae will contact you for an interview over the phone and provide instructions to submit some photos.

Have you attended a Wycliffe Associates Banquet?

By the way, have you attended a Wycliffe Associates banquet and made a faith promise? We like to encourage our Wycliffe Associates staff by sharing how God answers prayer and fulfills faith promises. Will you share your experience? If yes, please email [email protected] with your phone number and best time for Mae to call you.

Thank you!

Thank you for helping Wycliffe Associates tell your ministry story, encouraging and motivating others to get involved in accelerating the life-transforming ministry of Bible translation.


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