Partnership Development

First Steps

Partnership Development is a big job.  We want the tools we have here to help you on your journey.  Here are some steps you can take as you explore the site and build a team.


  1. Pray - We want to join in praying with you. Start here to see how we can connect with you in this way. 
  2. Choose Training - Just the tools on this site should get you going, but there are good books as well as training options that can give you further direction. 
  3. Open Account - This is simple, painless and critical if your donors are giving through Wycliffe Associates. Once you have an assignment, you will want to make this a priority. 
  4. Determine Goal - Knowing where you are going is important. 
  5. Prepare Tools - Track Donors, get reimbursed for expenses, and find resources for communicating with donors.
  6. Select Strategies that will help you meet your goals.
  7. Focus on Truth - This is hard work, so correct thinking is critical to staying the course.
  8. Implement Plan & Persevere - God is able.  Keep going. Here are tools to help you stay on task.