Pacific Prayer Updates

In the past, Prayer Teams were mobilized to pray before, during, and after each translation event.  That worked well, but we’re now gathering Prayer Teams to engage in on-going prayer.  

You can become a TEAM LEADER for a Prayer Team. A Prayer Team can be you and one other person or many others.  It can be made up of people from different parts of the country or world.  

Below are the translation programs that will communicate prayer requests and updates to the Prayer Teams:

1-2-1 Multiplier Project is designed for one Organization experienced in MAST to share with other organizations who need translation. As we are currently focusing on seeking partnerships rather than just seeking projects, this program is designed to help existing partners build new partnerships.

AGIOS, which means set apart for special service in the Kingdom, is a program that uses a course in Bible Translation to put God’s Word into the hands of people worldwide. 

A curriculum was developed for graduate study in Bible Translation and currently has partnerships established with two American colleges.

The GCBT (Great Commission Bible Translation) Network, Church Leaders in partnership with the Global Church, is committed to Kingdom partnership to enable the nations to translate God's Word into their heart languages in order to make disciples of the nations (Matt. 28:18-20) and hasten the coming of Jesus our Lord and Savior (Matt. 24:14). Key leaders in strategic countries of the world who need Bible translation attend these conferences.

STRIKE is a training program designed for seminaries, University Leaders, Church and Mission schools and like-minded educational entities that intend to engage in Bible translation - workshops to learn how they can have a Bible in their heart language

 While these training programs originally planned to take place in person, we currently have moved them to online. This is an amazing way to bring people together from countries around the world and better prepare them for Bible translation. 

For more information and how get involved, please contact Judy Yon at [email protected]