Pacific Prayer Updates


We give ownership of the translation work to the church. We don't always get regular updates from them, but here are some of the projects that we heard made progress on their most current translation projects: 

  Written New Testament 16
  Oral New Testament 5
  Oral Bible 2
  Written Bible 20


Papua New Guinea

Recent MAST events has brought significant changes where the youth in communities have started attending Sunday services. One significant change has been the youth turning away from drugs and taking part in sports and youth activities with church fellowships. The youth from one village are now going around and telling the youth of other areas that Bible translation brings changes to every life. A report of another young generation of mostly males are now deeply engaged in Bible translation in areas where previously no males were seen in church. Please pray that this movement continues to move strong among all the communities that the youth are engaging in Bible translation. 



A recent MAST event has led to a commitment for a follow-up MAST event. Our partners have 50 staff members that they would like for us to train to help Mother Tongue Translators continue their translations in the villages of 48 languages. Please pray for success in all the planning and preparation for the follow-up event and training.  


To pray for specific upcoming events in the Pacific please click on this link