Establishing a Support Goal

If your assignment is less than a year, you should use the cost information under your country to help you determine your needs.  Your Account Manager will also answer any additional questions for you.


If you are going on an assignment that will last one year or more, and you will be needing funds to cover personal expenses, we suggest the option of going as supported staff.

As supported staff, we will work with you to determine a monthly support goal that you will aim to raise in order to cover your salary and other expenses. The salary from the funds in the ministry account can be used for food, lodging or any other personal financial obligations.

If you are raising funds to cover your day-to-day living expenses while you are on this assignment, we will want to talk through a support goal with you.  You can email: [email protected] or call 407-852-5356 to get help with this.  Here is a sample of what a support goal might look like: Sample Support Goal