About Wycliffe Associates

Involving People in the Advancement of Bible Translation.

We accomplish our mission by involving people in the advancement and acceleration of Bible Translation. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to hear God’s Word in their heart language. 


See our corporate website to find more information about Our History and Our Core Beliefs.  Keep up with the current and exciting things that WA is involved in by reading the Message from President Bruce Smith.

Please read this interview of our President/CEO Bruce Smith by Bible Gateway to catch the vision of how Wycliffe Associates is involved in advancement of Bible Translation: Helping to Translate the Bible Where Persecution of Christians Is Severe: An Interview with Bruce Smith

Vision 2025

Translation of the Bible is a vital component of the task to reach the remaining people groups with the Gospel.  Vision 2025 was born from the desire to make God’s Word available to everyone in this generation. To do so, we need to accelerate the pace of Bible translation.  At the previous pace of translation starts, this would have taken until 2150.

The goal of Vision 2025 is to have a Bible translation started in every language that needs one by the year 2025. Since Vision 2025 began in 1999, the rate of translation has already increased to move the ‘finish line’ from 2150 to 2038. By God’s grace, we hope to continue to speed up the process so that the approximately 2000 languages that still need a Bible translation can be started by 2025.