Here at Wycliffe Associates we take prayer seriously. God’s answered prayers are at the root of untold numbers of achievements, partnerships and successful endeavors around the world. We want to support you every step of the way with prayer. We can do this best if you share specific needs with us. We want to pray with you when you are trying to discern God’s leading, overwhelmed with decisions, not knowing where finances will come from, concerned about your kids adjustments, feeling homesick, or have any other needs along the way. We also want to praise the Lord with you when He provides.

Send any prayer items to [email protected] and you will be prayed for that day. Our Chaplain will receive these requests and share them with teams of people that are praying specifically for you, your kids, and the work that you are doing. Of course if you want your request kept confidential and prayed for privately, just saying so will make sure that happens.

Wycliffe Associates also has a large team focused on praying for the projects we are involved in all over the world. If you are helping with one of our projects and have a request to share or praise to give, you can send that to [email protected]. You can also learn how to be one of our prayer partners here: Prayer Watch Partner.