WAVE is an exciting new program for anyone who is curious about how they can serve in Bible translation. Wycliffe Associates Volunteer Education will detail the many methods that go into translation, as well as how volunteers can be involved. These courses vary from technology, to media, to MAST, and even church networking. This is a perfect time to learn about how God can use your skills in the best ways. Our team will help you choose a class from our multiple 10-week program, and you will receive your instruction in Orlando, FL. Aside from informative translation methods, we will also incorporate spiritual disciplines to compliment your new knowledge. Come join us for this new adventure!  



WAVE courses will begin again in October 2018. We are also working on a few WAVE online courses that will be available soon. Information on all future WAVE courses and dates will be posted as soon as it is available.


Class Details:

  • MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation)
    • This course presents the theory behind the MAST methodology and teaches how to facilitate a MAST workshop. This is a 5 day course consisting of one 90 minute session per day.
  • V-MAST
    • This course teaches the techniques of conducting a MAST workshop online with national translators in other countries and gives opportunities to participate in an online workshop. This is a 5 day course consisting of one 90 minute session per day.
  • DOT (Deaf Ownership Translation)/FILM
    • In this course, students will learn how to work with deaf teams and help facilitate Bible translation into each people groups' unique sign language. This is a 5 day course consisting of one 90 minute session per day.
  • Gateway Language
    • The goal of the Gateway Language project is to produce open source material in 39 of the Languages of Wider Communication. The materials that we are working to translate are: the Old and New Testaments, Scripture Reference Notes, Scripture Comprehension Questions, and a Glossary of Important Biblical Terms. Our desire is to provide resources for national people groups to engage in church led Bible translation. This is a 10 day course consisting of one 90 minute session per day.
  • ELL Facilitator Training(English Language Learning)
    • Facilitators will learn tools to assist ELL participants to steadily improve their conversational English skills and demonstrate that by various methods, including speaking in public situations, writing in journals, reading aloud, and taking a leading role in small or larger groups in schools and/or churches. This is a 10 day course consisting of 2-90 minute sessions per day.
  • SAIL (Sensory Adaptive Immersion Literacy)
    • This course will teach you about the methods and tools which SAIL employs to reach blind and deaf communities. Many blind and deaf people do not have a written language, or even a standardized sign language with which to communicate. WA has created a language system using symbols and objects which can be used to translate the Bible for the blind and deaf. Opportunities to serve with the deaf and blind will be presented as well. This is a 5 day course consisting of one 90 minute session per day.
  • Church Recruitment
    • In this course, we will teach you an effective and stress-free approach to church recruitment in your own community. You will learn simple steps that will enable you to share WA's mission of Bible translation with your local churches. This is a 10 day course consisting of one 90 minute session per day.
  • Church Planting 
    • What are the current trends in church planting at home and abroad? How is this organized and who is doing it? An in-depth look into church planting organizations and those who work with them. This is a 10 day course consisting of one 90 minute session per day.
  • AFT (Art for Translators)
    • This course will provide an overview of how illustrations can be used for Bible translators. You will use your artistic ability to create or edit illustrations that will be used in translation resources. This is a full-day one week long workshop.
  • WAVE Class 
    • After completing this course, you’ll understand the expectations for teaching a WAVE course.  Additionally, you will understand the structure and be able to complete the curriculum template for a WAVE course.  This is part of a practical exercise during which you develop a curriculum. This is a 5 day course consisting of one 90 minute session per day.
  • Overview of Tools
    • This is an in-depth look at each of the tools used in Bible translation. The students will use the tools and learn how they may be implemented during a MAST event. This is a 10 day course consisting of one 90 minute session per day. 
  • Research 
    • Students will explore the core elements of research in principle and practice. Discover what are the needs at WA for research and why. This is a 5 day course consisting of one 90 minute session per day.
  • Spiritual Disciplines
    • The work that we do must begin in the heart and mind of God in order for us to serve His Kingdom. To know His will, hear His voice, have fellowship with Him, and with the people He calls His children takes willful discipline and determination. Learning to practice these disciplines in all circumstances and at all times develops a spirit that can thrive in constant communication and fellowship with our Creator, and with the people He loves. These are 5 or 10 day courses consisting of one 90 minute session per day.


Basic Information:

  • WAVE classes will be held at our main office in Orlando, Florida. The address is 11450 Translation Way, Orlando FL, 32832. Click here for a map of our Orlando Campus.  You will be given further instruction by email on where to go for your class.
  • Dress code is casual.
  • A Spiritual Discipline class will be required along with any other class, even if you need to start in the middle or can't finish the full Spiritual Discipline class. You can contact your Recruiter to get registered.
  • We are asking that you take no less than two classes (along with the Spiritual Discipline) at a time. Classes run either one or two weeks and require attendance five days (Monday - Friday) of that week.
  • You are responsible for your own food and housing while you attend the classes.
    • Wycliffe Associates occasionally has access to a limited number of apartments for rent or RV parking spots. If you would like to find out more, you can email housing@wycliffeassociates.org or call (407) 852-5347.
    • Pioneers is down the road and also has limited housing for a fee in their Frizen House. Email reservations@orlandoteam.com for information. They also have a KOA campground where you can make reservations online or by calling 407-277-5075.
    • Wingate by Wyndham Orlando will offer a discount if you mention you are coming for an event at Wycliffe Associates. They also have free airport shuttle to their hotel. You will have to call them directly at (407) 826-5258 in order to receive the discount.
    • You can go on the internet to find other hotels, restaurants, or car rentals in Orlando. Home Away or Airbnb both have a good number of listings in this area that could be worth considering.  We are on the south east side of Orlando, about 10 minutes southeast of the Orlando International Airport (MCO).
    • We are about 40 minutes south of the Orlando/Sanford airport (SFB). Blue Book Cars has reasonable rental rates and may be an option you want to consider if flying into Sanford.