Wycliffe Associates Online Training




Wycliffe Associates offers a training program with courses that provide preparation for current and future Wycliffe Associates ministry opportunities for direct missionary service, and — in some cases — teacher preparation to teach others.  Listed below are the Wycliffe Associates training courses being offered. 


MASTThis 10-hour* course introduces prospective MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) volunteers to the principles, processes, and goals of MAST.


MAST TheoryThis 10-hour* online theory training course is designed to train participants in understanding and leveraging their brain’s natural processes for maximum learning and output. It covers thinking processes for retention, language acquisition, acculturation, team-building, and leadership. Participants will understand the basic principles of thinking that are the foundation of MAST as a translation methodology. Furthermore, they will be equipped to use these principles in managing their own thinking and working with others to train translators. You must have successfully completed the MAST course OR must have participated as a facilitator at a MAST event before taking this course.


Learning to Write for International TranslatorsThis 12-hour* course is designed to teach English speakers how to write for non-native English speaking translators. This course shows English speakers how to write in a style that helps translators understand the intended meaning more easily so that they can translate clearly and accurately the biblical resources that Wycliffe Associates provides. Students will practice writing paragraphs and sentences and choosing words and grammar that are translator-friendly.


Symbolic Universal Notation -During this 10-hour* class you will learn about the Symbolic Universal Notation (SUN), read a SUN Scripture passage as well as translate Scripture from English to SUN. SUN is a program that brings Scripture to the illiterate deaf. Using a symbolic system of writing, those who are not educated in sign language can read God's word for themselves. 


Translation ToolsThis 10-hour* class is an in-depth look at some of the tools used in Bible translation. The student will use the tools and learn how they may be implemented during a MAST event. Student will need a laptop and an Android tablet or phone to complete the work in this class.

*NOTE: the given length of the courses is an estimate.


For more information and to get involved, please click on this link http://waonlinetraining.org/