Spiritual Disciplines

The work that we do must begin in the heart and mind of God in order for us to serve His Kingdom. To know His will, hear His voice, have fellowship with Him, and with the people He calls His children takes willful discipline and determination. Learning to practice these disciplines in all circumstances and at all times develops a spirit that can thrive in constant communication and fellowship with our Creator, and with the people he loves.



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As a spiritual discipline, fasting includes setting aside appetites, pastimes, or indulgences so we can focus more intently on the Lord in prayers of adoration, supplication, intercession, and fellowship. During this two-week emphasis, students will draw nearer to the Lord by focusing their intentional, Godly workshop on the object of their fast, and, in cooperation with the work of the Holy Spirit, gain spiritual depth and strength by fasting while praying. 5-week online course. 



Exercising solitude and meditation develops disciplined attention and mental and spiritual control over distractions. Finding and sustaining a spiritual posture of solitude and meditation in the presence of God brings clarity and purpose even in the most difficult of circumstances. Students will learn to achieve quietude over cacophony, peace over chaos, and listening above and through the speaking or shouting of others. Solitude can be achieved in a buzzing room, or in an empty space; meditation can be achieved sitting alone in silence, or even among colleagues during events of the day.



Prayer can briefly be defined as spiritual communication. For two weeks, students will immerse themselves in the art and practice of reaching out with our hearts and minds to touch and commune with the heart and mind of God. Students will learn about the broad variety of ways prayer is practiced around the world, and through exercise and practice, become more adept in private, corporate, intercessory, and "battlefield" prayer. 5-week online course. 



Studying the Bible is more than simply reading it. It involves investing time and attention to learn more about ancient history and cultures, explore moral concepts, and learn more about the character of God. In this course, students will discuss why studying the Bible for themselves is important, learn various methods of Bible study, become acquainted with tools and resources for study and practice using them. Students will gain an appreciation for the work of scholars to interpret and apply scripture to create an accurate understanding of what the global Church has believed and taught through the ages-orthodoxy. 5-week online course. 



God made mankind for worship and for fellowship; that is our purpose. Our Christian fellowship is rooted in being adopted into God's family through Christ; our worship is our purpose as His Church - to bring Him glory, and to relive and retell the story of His saving acts. Students will learn and practice worship in our private times with Him, among our families, and whenever and wherever "two or three are gathered in my (Jesus') name..."



“God is calling forth a warrior Bride to plunder the structures of darkness.  It is the hour for intercessors to move forward from an intimate place with the Lord into focused warfare prayer that will destroy the works of the enemy.” (Quote from Rebecca Greenwood in her book Authority to Tread)  Students will learn how to engage the enemy Satan and be victorious.  As Cameron Townsend said, “We advance on our knees.” Students will learn about the spiritual battle that is going on around them.  They will learn about their spiritual armor, strategic warfare, how to engage the enemy Satan and be victorious.