Sample Support Letter

Mary Thomas September 27, 2010
414 Broad Street
Fort Wayne, IN 42587

Dear Mary,

I want to bring you up to date on what is happening in my life. As you may or may not have heard, I have been working at Vera Bradley for the past three years in their finance department. After rubbing shoulders with some of the most successful executives and coworkers in our city, I have come to realize that there must be more to life than making more money, gaining more political power or creating the best women’s handbags for our customers.

 This summer, I attended a banquet at Pathway Community Church where I heard from a missionary from Wycliffe Associates. It was during that banquet that I believe God was calling me to an unbelievable opportunity to take part in a mission trip this fall sponsored by Wycliffe Associates. I will be going to Cameroon for three months to fill their immediate need for as a staff accountant.  To go on a project like this can be invaluable as I will learn firsthand about missionary life, develop some spiritual leadership and ministry skills.

 This is an unbelievable opportunity to go overseas and use my training in accounting to help carry out Wycliffe’s mission of going to these unreached people groups and translating the Bible into their language so that they can read and understand the love of God.

In order to make all this possible, I need to develop a team of ministry partners...a group of people like you who would give to make my trip possible. As you might imagine, raising the necessary funds will be one of my greatest steps of faith in preparation for this project. I need a total of $3,000 by October 31 which will cover room and board for the summer as well as transportation.

Mary, would you prayerfully consider joining my team by giving a gift of $100, $200, $300 or more? In order to know how close I am to reaching my goal, I will call you next week to see what you have decided and to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for considering joining my team to help reach people for Christ in Cameroon, Africa this fall.



Sample Thank-You Note

Dr. John Smith and Mary Smith, September 27, 2010
414 Broad Street
Fort Wayne, IN 42587 

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Smith,

Thank you for your gift of $100 to support my ministry this summer. Your prayers and finances are greatly appreciated. Your investment will have far-reaching results as together we help reach people for Jesus Christ by translating the Bible for people who have never read the Bible before! Please join me in praying that God would continually deepen my commitment to the cause of Christ. Your prayers are very important. Thanks again for your help.

In Christ,


Sample End-of-Year Ask Letter

Sam and Suzie Staffer
1234 Anywhere St
Nice Place, ZZ 00000
(555) 123-4567

November 30, 2010

Dear (Name of Partner),

She stepped into the line and a flood of emotions washed over her. Hanna, an 8th grader at the middle school in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea with long, sandy-blonde hair and beautiful eyes, had just walked across the campus to go to her class.  Hanna’s parents have been working for the past six years to translate the Bible into Hrisi, the language of the Hrisian people group in Northwest Papua New Guinea. In their remote village, Hanna’s parents have worked diligently on the book of Luke. However, in the depths of their hearts, they are torn by the need to send their two children to the missionary school in Ukarumpa. The “empty nest” feeling comes early for many of the missionary couples when they must send their children away for schooling. Weekend visits and vacations together are much too infrequent, but they provide opportunities for bonding once again with their children. 

This morning, as Hanna stood in line, I noticed her tears begin to fall. In the minutes that followed, we sat and talked about how hard it has been for her to be away from her parents and that we all go through changes. We talked about the pain of separation and I told her how, in my difficult times, the Lord has spoken to my heart. 

It is because of students like Hanna that Sam and I have committed our lives to being house parents for the Ukarumpa students in Papua New Guinea. God is at work here, both in the translation of the Scriptures and in drawing missionary kids to Himself and transforming them into a generation who will follow after God.

As 2010 comes to a close, would you consider giving a special gift for our ministry so that we can continue this important work of reaching students like Hanna? We've experienced a shortfall this year and are asking the Lord to provide $10,000. You have been so gracious over the years, and for that we give thanks to the Lord. If you are able to help with this additional need, please make your check payable to “Wycliffe Associates” and mail it to them in the enclosed envelope, along with the response card. If you would prefer to give a gift online, please go to http://wycliffeassociates.org/links/donatenow and follow the instructions.  Thank you for partnering with us to bring the message of hope to Hrisian people, and to students like Hanna.

Yours in Christ,

(Hand sign your signature)

Tip: (Handwrite the P.S. Most people will read it first because it is the most personal part of the letter)

P.S. Please let us know how we can pray for you by putting your requests on the enclosed card. Also, if your email address has changed, would you write your new one on the card? Thank you.


Thank You Note

John and Sharon Staffer
Guesthouse Managers, Peru
Wycliffe Associates

"Accelerating Bible Translation around the World"

May 4, 2010

Dear [Name],

We are so deeply grateful for all you already do—your prayer support, financial gifts, and friendship are vital to our ministry! Your partnership with us these past 12 months has allowed us to make great progress in our mission of “Accelerating Bible Translation around the World.” One of the most gratifying signs of progress is seeing new missionaries come through the “Casa de Huéspedes” (Guest House) as they begin their new assignments to translate the Bible in different languages.

For us, 2009 and 2010 have been very challenging financially—perhaps for you, also. We have lost over 20% of our financial support. This has really deepened our appreciation of you and your faithful financial partnership with us! Today we would like to challenge you with something, but please know from the outset that we'll be okay whether you accept this challenge or not.  [Name], would you prayerfully consider an increase in your monthly support if you are in a position to do so? We understand that you may be facing financial challenges as well—so, if this is not possible for you, we do understand. 

As you pray for us, please know that we are praying for you as well! There is a spot on the bottom of the attached sheet for you to let us know how we can specifically pray for you.  It would help us if you would please return the enclosed response card by December 1.

Love in Christ,

[Remember to handwrite your signature on each letter.]

John and Sharon

P.S. If you prefer to give online, you can do so at www.wycliffeassociates.org/links/donatenow. Our ministry

account number is _________________.



Walt and Stacy Staffmember
14415 Oak Road • Bellpoint, PA 19122
610-225-1324 • Email 12368.456@compuserve.com

May 13, 201X

Dear Bill and Cathy,

How is John doing in college? The last time we talked he was trying out for the soccer team. Did he make it? I know how important that is to him.

Remember Mark and Joan, the couple I asked you to pray for a couple of months ago? Their growth is so encouraging. They have both begun to share their faith where they work. Mark even saw someone trust Christ with him. Keep praying for them.

The Lord has been gracious in meeting our needs, but we need to take some time to raise some additional support. Over the last year, our need has become significant for a number of reasons. Our faithful station wagon is on its last legs with 210,000 miles. In addition to that, we have lost support from some of our ministry partners who have retired or have lost their jobs.  We are confident that the Lord will raise up the $1150 per month that we need. 

You have been such a blessing to us by supporting and praying for us, but there is another way that you can be a great help to us. What we really need is be able to meet some new people to whom we can present the excitement and impact of our ministry and see if the Lord leads them to support us. A very effective way to do that is through a small dinner. Would you be willing to have a dinner for us to introduce us to two to four of your close Christian friends? We know that this is asking a lot from you.

Our ministry has found that meeting people in this kind of atmosphere is a great way for us to be introduced. We want them to know before they come that we will be sharing about our ministry and asking for support, but they will not be asked to make a decision that night. Recently one of our ministry partners had one of these dinners for us. In this case, all three of the couples who attended decided to invest in our ministry. That sure was encouraging! 

We are planning to be in town June 5-12 and would ask you to consider one of those evenings. Often a weeknight seems to work better for most people. Stacy and I would be glad to help out in making the dinner.  We appreciate your considering this. I will give you a call in a few days to see if you will be able to help us in this way.          

Yours in Christ,