Prayer Cards

Prayer cards can be simple photos, or they can be more complex with response cards or other information. WA does not impose any limits on your creativity.


What photo should I pick for my card?

In general, good photos for a prayer card have the following traits:

  1. They show a relatively close up view of your face(s).
  2. They have uncluttered backgrounds that aren’t distracting.
  3. They have bright colors that are easy to see on the fridge from a distance.
  4. They have an open section of a solid color in which to put text.
  5. You look your best in the photo.

How do I print my prayer card?

  1. Use a prayer card service such as: There are a number of prayer card services that do an excellent job. Each one may or may not have a template for WA, but they have expertise in designing custom cards, such as Creative Plus.
  2. Make your own.  If you (or a friend) have decent computer skills and some basic photo-editing software such as Photoshop Elements, you can make your own card. Open a digital copy of your favorite photo and add your own text in one or more layers. You can also copy the WA logo from the Logos section under Tools & Resources, and paste it onto your photo. Pay attention to the font size and color so that it is legible. Don’t try to add too much text—that just makes your card “busy.”
  3. When you have the image the way you want it, save it as a a JPG file. Use the highest resolution in order to get good print quality. Then either copy the file to a flash drive and take it to a local store or pharmacy that does photo-printing, or else upload it via the internet. The advantage of using online ordering is that the photo is available to you at any time from anywhere. Traveling in another state and run out of prayer cards? No problem! Log onto your online account and have more printed and waiting for you at a nearby store—often in an hour.
    1. Walgreens Photo
    2. CVS Photo
    3. Sams Club Photo
    4. Prints Made Easy


To order any of the materials we have available on our Tools and Resources Catalog, click and open the WA Products and Materials Order Form. It will open a new window, so you can go back and forth through the catalog, find the product # and description, and then select the correct item(s) from the drop-down lists in the order form.

Magnetic Prayer Cards - In Our Lifetime

There are several thousand magnetic prayer cards available. These cards were distributed during the “In Our Lifetime” banquets. They are a good reminder for your supporters to pray for Bible translation. You might also want to include them with letters to your supporters (may require extra postage). Use the Products and Materials Order Form to order these cards.