Maximize your outreach with personal publishing through Pixingo. Easily create prayer letters, thank-you notes, prayer cards, greeting cards, posters, photo books, canvas wraps, and business cards. You custom-create whatever you want on our site, then we print and mail them for you. You can use this service in so many ways:


·         Prayer letters  you customize and we mail to your supporters

·         Thank-you cards you customize and we mail to your supporters

·         Photo books for church presentations or thank-you gifts for supporters

·         Posters for church presentations

·         Photo canvases for church presentations or thank-you gifts for supporters

·         Photo-quality business cards/prayer cards


Bring the mission field right into the homes of all your supporters. How exciting for them to see what they are supporting and be more personally connected!


Upload and use as many pictures as you like and use them any way you want.  Choose from more than 10,000 backgrounds and embellishments. Put a text box anywhere to add a personalized message and you can even choose to use your personal handwriting font so it looks like you wrote it on the card.


Card prices start at 50 cents, and the additional price of standard postage is all it takes for Pixingo to stuff, address, stamp, and mail it for you by the next business day. 


You can even maintain your mailing list through our online address book for free. It’s a great way to organize your contacts into groups for mailings, plus you can add your logo or any image that represents you on the back of all folded cards for no additional cost.


All you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and about 10 minutes. Upload your photos, put in your addresses, and create a card that mails out the next business day to as few or as many people as you choose. Make your own card from a blank template or use our pre-designed greeting card templates. Once you create a card, you can use it again and again.


Now, you don’t need a support team to handle your mailings. Pixingo is your team. With just a few clicks, you can maintain your contact list and even create groups in your address book for all of your churches, supporters, future supporters, and more. You can even see what you’ve mailed and to whom.


Send an item to one person, one group, or multiple groups. Easily send out one card or several hundred within minutes, and card prices don’t get more expensive if you’re only sending one. You get the same great pricing as you would with a thousand.


Set a schedule for recurring communications (Pixingo will keep you on schedule), or simply set up reminders for important upcoming events and anniversaries. You can even pre-schedule anything you create to mail on any given day of the year.


Keep your photos organized in a spot where you can quickly access them for anything you want to send out, from prayer letters to a thank-you cards.


We look forward to being your source for staying in contact with your supporters and the churches you work with while you are in the mission field. We are excited to come on the journey with you in the mission field and make it easier for you to do God’s work.

You and Wycliffe Associates will be supported with a donation as a thank-you when you make and send items using the Pixingo site www.pixingo.com/behappy/personal  



Mary Hauser
Pixingo Pro