Last updated: 1/17/2019

India is comprised of over a billion people squeezed into a space a third the size of the US. The population of India is not only dense, it is also highly diverse in ethnicity, religion, language, education, and income.

Tourists flock to India to see such wonders as the Taj Mahal—one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Translators understand India to be strategic because it has 18 official languages and hundreds of other language groups.

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  • Apply for an e-Visa here:
  • Travel with at least one 2x2 passport photo
  • Have a copy of your itinerary for your returning flight (with you name on it) and a copy of your travel insurance paperwork easily accessible.

Indian Contact:

  • You will be required to have a local name and address for each trip. Your team leader can get you this information.
  • Keep this information with you when you travel. You will need it to pass through immigration at the airport.

Medical Information:


  • For Men:
    • Polo or button up shirts.
    • Khaki’s, cargo pants or jeans are all acceptable, shorts are NOT.
    • Wear shoes. Flip flops, sandals, loafers and tennis shoes are all common.

  • For Women:
    • The most common dress is the salwar kameze outfit, which is basically a harem-type baggy pants and a long tunic, topped off with the chunni (scarf). It is acceptable for one to wear slacks, or long skirts that are mid-calf or lower.
    • Tops should be long enough to cover your hips.
    • Low cut, form-fitting or sleeveless tops are not culturally acceptable. Please only bring tops that have at least a cap sleeve or short sleeve.
    • Bring comfortable shoes; sandals or flip flops.
    • Closed toes shoes are acceptable and you will want them in cooler weather climates and months.

  • Check the local weather and pack appropriately.

Things to bring:

  • Bug spray
  • Snacks (protein bars, trail mix, candy bars, soft candies, etc.)
  • Tylenol
  • Food will be spicy: bring antacids if needed
  • Imodium or another anti-diarrheal
  • Towel and washcloth
  • Umbrella, especially in monsoon season (July-September)
  • A small Ziploc bag of laundry detergent in case you need to wash clothes
  • A rubber sink stopper/plug for bathroom sinks in order to shave or wash clothes
  • Flashlight
  • A small power strip (250v) and a European or Indian style power adapter
  • Do not bring 110 volt appliances, such as hairdryers, they will not work.

Helpful Information:

  • Physical affection between men and women- even married couples, is not shown in public. However, men don’t mind holding each other’s hands so do not be surprised when you see this (or if a man grabs your hand!).
  • Be sure to check the weather for the area you are visiting. Know that there is seldom air conditioning and it is even rarer to have indoor heating. If you will be here in cooler months or regions it can be very cold indoors (50-60 degrees) so make sure to bring jackets and wear layers.
  • Avoid drinking the tap water! (Even for brushing your teeth use bottled water)
  • Avoid uncooked vegetables and greens.
  • There will probably be poor internet connection and frequent power outages are a fact of life in India. You should be able to communicate with people back home but it will probably not be instantaneous.