translationStudio App


This app was created to equip the global church to be disciples of Jesus Christ by helping create, translate, and distribute open-licensed discipleship resources.  Everything on this app is under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licensing so these tools can be translated into any language, anywhere, at any time, and by anyone—without copyright limitations.

You will find a set of 50 fully illustrated Bible stories (21 Old Testament and 29 New Testament) which provide a chronological overview of God’s relationship with humanity, from creation to redemption with notes and key term definitions that allow you to translate clearly and accurately. 

The tool is expanding daily.  In addition to the 50 Bible Stories, we will continue to add portions of the Bible with the key term definitions and notes until the full Bible is available.  Along with having all of this in English, we are working to translate all of the tools into gateway languages that will allow this tool to empower the global church.

Bruce Smith's blog is a great resource for a more in-depth look.


You can be a part:

  • Access tool for Translation Work

    • Download the app translationStudio on an android tablet or smartphone to work either online or offline

    • Door 43  to access while online from a computer