Translation Tools Overview

Where Do I Start?

The church around the world is being empowered to take on the task of Bible Translation. We are developing different tools and YOU can be a part!





I speak English, live in the US and want to help.


My mother tongue is not English. The Bible is in my language. I want to help others.


We need the Bible in my heart language.


  • If you can take a 2 week trip to help train others, then MAST is for you.
  • Introduce your church to the MAST process and at your churches request, we can train you to start your translation.
  • Explore how you could use your IT skills to help develop tools to accelerate Bible Translation. 
  • The MAST process can be used to translate tools into gateway languages.
  • Check out our Bible In Every Language website to see if someone is working on a translation in your language. Contact us to get involved.
  • Spiritual warfare is real. As we advance the goal of translating the Bible into every language, the enemy is attacking. Your prayers and gifts are essential for this work to move forward.