Print on Demand (POD)



   Equipment and a possible Business Process to publish Bibles and discipleship materials.
   Our primary focus is on supporting Bible translation projects.
   The equipment can secondarily be used to produce income, via print orders from the local community.



Challenges the POD system solves:

  • Translation of Bible Content can now be coupled with Distribution of Bible Content, to aid in making disciples of Christ

  • Print “On Demand,” rather than waiting for a minimum print run (typically 5,000–10,000 books)

  • Print “In House," rather than paying a third party Copy Shop or large scale Publisher

  • Print Locally, rather than smuggling Bibles across country borders or paying shipping & import fees

  • Print Free and Open Content, rather than losing copyright ownership to a third party publisher



  • Low startup costs (less than $15,000 USD for the equipment/installation/training)

  • Small Footprint (could be hidden within a walk-in closet)

  • Economical printing and binding of books and discipleship material

  • Production Components are locally available or can be shipped (only the ink is proprietary)

  • Do-It-Yourself model puts the control in your hands

  • No need for minimum print order. Materials cost-per-book is the same for 1 book or 2000 books

  • Reduces need for shipping logistics



  • Diverse Size Formats

    • Workbook (full page)

    • Paperback book (half page)

    • Tract size (quarter page)

  • Diverse Binding

    • Perfect Bound (Standard Glue Binding)

    • Wire Spring

    • Plastic Spiral

    • Saddle stich (Staples)

  • Growing Capacity

    • Initial testing reports a full color, heavy ink coverage, 370 page book for less than $1.70

    • Max Capacity of 1600 books per month

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6 pieces of equipment make up a Print On Demand system: Computer, Printer, Cutter, Binder, Laminator, and Creaser. Shown here are the components of a typical system.


Step 1: Computer


Step 2: Printer (2 shown)



Step 3: Laminator


Step 4: Creaser


Steps 5 & 6: Stack Cutter (right) & perfect binder Print On Demand - Entire System