North Africa/Eurasia Prayer Updates


We give ownership of the translation work to the church. We don't always get regular updates from them, but here are some of the projects that we heard made progress on their most current translation projects:

  Written New Testament 16
  Oral New Testament 2
  Video New Testament for Deaf 3
  Written Old Testament 2



2019 was the most prolific year that Eastern DRC has ever seen. There were more new starts than ever before, almost as many as the previous 3 years combined. There were more New Testament completions than we had ever imagined, and God blessed us with some amazing contacts and facilitators.

We were able to establish ourselves in three new areas of the country. In these areas alone we started 18 new languages. Several of these language groups have progressed very well and are eager to have us return to assist them in finishing their New Testaments, helping them with equipment that needs repair and transitioning them to starting their Old Testaments on the way to having completed Bibles in their mother-tongues.

The true highlight of 2019, of course, was having three language groups complete translation of the entire Bible which started in the summer of 2016. This was a true labor of love by the communities. They all completed rigorous checking on their New Testaments, and have products that are publishable and now they are doing the same rigorous checking, as well as finishing some typing with their Old Testaments.

When we are raised with so many choices of Scripture versions in our own language it is hard to believe the impact that having Scripture in a heart language can have on a community. I will never forget seeing an entire team in tears at hearing Scripture read in their heart language for the first time, or having a village chief on the team telling how this work could change a community, or meeting with another village chief, who, after losing his brother, still wanted to greet us and thank us for the work that we were doing to bring God’s Word to his people in their heart language.

Pray for the 13 new languages that were started over the past 3 months to work diligently toward completion of their New Testaments.

Pray for peace for DRC



A MAST event was held recently with two language groups. One language group was one of the first to use MAST as a translation method in early 2015. The project was eventually abandoned, but restarted as an oral translation in the summer of 2018. This last event was the second workshop for the oral project with five translators in attendance. The second language group experienced their first MAST event with five translators in attendance. Please pray that these language groups are able to complete what they have started, grow strong and continually guided by the Holy Spirit. 


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