Last updated: 11/11/2016


In-Country Expenses

For per diem or salaried supported staff, one can open a local bank account or use the ATM to withdraw from their personal US account.

One will have access to ATM’s so will not need to bring cash into the country.


A valid US passport is required—not only for Russia, but for reentry into the US, and also for possible transit through other countries. Make sure that your passport expiration date is at least six months after you return from your trip!


The visa needed will depend on the position the person will be holding, long-term or short-term, as well as how that visa will be provided. This is not uncommon in sensitive countries. The visa options will be discussed with the individual during mobilization. Usually a person enters on a visitor visa. Should a long-term visa be required the person will be assisted by the staff or volunteer coordinator.


Immunizations and Health

Evacuation Insurance

Evacuation insurance is required. The recommended companies are listed on the Evacuation Insurance page under the "Travel" section.


Life in Country


There are no special requirements when it comes to clothing. It will be possible to wash clothes while there.


Apartments of various sizes are available for housing.

If they are coming short-term, you would possibly stay at Wycliffe Russia, or possibly with a teacher at the school. It totally depends on the position being filled and the partner expats we are working with for that position.

If they are coming for a longer term, there are apartments available. They will be helped. Usually the in-country helper will search out possibilities in advance, and find them a temporary place to stay. When the person arrives they will have an opportunity to search and select a place to live.