Last updated: 11/11/2016

Germany was the home to Martin Luther, whose translation of the Bible into German (the heart language of the people) energized the Reformation. Today, Germany continues to be an important location for the support of Bible translation across Europe and Asia.



It is not necessary to change money before getting to Germany.

In-Country Expenses

A German bank account can be opened for German salary to be deposited and used to pay rent and other expenses. A US bank account may be used to obtain Euros. Checks are not used at all in Germany. You cannot take for granted that credit cards are accepted. In the cities and in larger establishments like hotels, credit cards might be used – but it is good to check first. The area of Germany in which we live (Holzhausen) and most towns and villages operate on cash only.

There are many ATM’s accessible in Germany.


A valid US passport is required – not only for entry into Germany, but for reentry into the US, and also for possible transit through other countries. Make sure that your passport expiration date is at least six months after you return from your trip!

Health info

Healthcare facilities, doctor offices, etc. are good and actually less expensive than in the USA.

Evacuation Insurance

Medical Evacuation Insurance is required. The recommended companies are listed on the Evacuation Insurance page of the "Travel" section.




Tickets, Airports, and Flights

You will fly into Frankfurt. There are no airport fees to worry about.

It is up to you what airline you fly in on, but most people travel from the US on Lufthansa or United.

What to Bring

If you are an avid reader, bring English language reading material as it is hard to find in Germany.

Life in Country


Dress is the same as in the US. Dress is somewhat less formal. E.g., men are rarely seen in ties. For the office you can dress business casual. It will be possible to wash your clothes while you are there.

Clothing that should be avoided is immodest clothing. No sloppy jeans. Although jeans are frequently worn, they are neat, clean, and unfaded. It is a fashion statement!


If you are coming long-term, most people live in flats/apartments which could be anywhere from two rooms to half a large house.