Last updated: 3/24/2017

Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America. The terrain varies from the Andes Mountains in the west to tropical jungle in the south and tropical paradise along the Caribbean Sea. A large portion of the economy of Venezuela is based on its extensive oil reserves. The population of almost 30 million is almost entirely Roman Catholic. The majority language is Spanish, but there are approximately 50 other language groups, many of which still wait for a Bible translation.

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  • For Men:
    • Typical American clothing is acceptable.
  • For Women:
    • Modest American style clothing is the norm.
  • Take a least one pair of shower shoes as well as close toed shoes, going barefoot is frowned upon, even inside the house.
  • Make sure to check the local weather before you travel! Anywhere in the world can be chilly! Venezuela often has a lot of bugs so even when it is hot you may want long pants to protect your legs from mosquitoes.

Things to Bring:

  • Have a copy of your itinerary of your return flight (with your name on it) and a copy of your travel insurance paperwork easily accessible (especially when traveling).

  • Refillable water purification bottle or there will be bottled water available for purchase.
  • Bug Spray
  • Snacks (protein bars, trail mix, candy, etc.).
  • Comfort food - something small that makes you feel at home can be really helpful when everything you are eating seems unfamiliar.