Last updated: 11/8/2017

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  • Tourist visas are not required for trips up to 90 days
  • One blank passport page for entry stamps is required
  • A Tourist card will be issued on arrival and must be surrendered on departure
  • Travel with at least one 2x2 passport photo

 Local Contact:

  • Two points of contact or hotel addresses are required for immigration paperwork
  • Your team leader will supply this information


  • No vaccines are required
  • Routine vaccines - MMR, DTP, chickenpox, polio, and yearly flu shot are recommended
  • Hepatitis A and Typhoid are recommended for all travel
  • Healthcare is very good in major cities with many prescriptions locally available
  • US insurance is typically not accepted; cash payment may be required
  • You are encouraged to visit for the most up to date travel info.


  • For Men:
    • Anything appropriate in the US is acceptable
  • For Women:
    • Anything appropriate in the US is acceptable 
  • Any type of shoe worn in the US fits the norm
  • Make sure to check the local weather before you travel! Anywhere in the world can by chilly!
  • Because it is south of the equator, the seasons are reversed from the US

Things to Bring:

  • Refillable water purification bottle (the water in major cities is generally safe, but caution is always advised)
  • Snacks (protein bars, trail mix, candy bars, etc.)
  • Have a copy of your itinerary for your return flight (with your name on it) and a copy of your travel insurance paperwork easily accessible (especially when travelling)
  • Chile has typical western norms and social standards
  • Expect events to begin later rather than formal start time